Thursday, August 28, 2008

local sales and web links

Hey friends,
Just wanted to drop a line to say check out the Warehouse Market sale, drumsticks 69 cents a lb. , Dr.Pepper 69 cents a 2 ltr., All 35 load size $2.99 + at $1 IP, there are a few more items. The sale runs Friday and Saturday only.

You can now do your Walgreen's rebates online... it's sure easy and I'm hoping for a quicker turnaround time.

Check out Under the Freebies link there is a link to Walmart. I found a $27 coupon book for free, some fem. hygine samples, and a rebate for the new cleaning products that you mix with water. There is also a free song download of the week.

A new website for me is A full cup. More after I check it out.

Don't forget to share your finds.

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